Development Services

We are offering video game development services, especially on Unity platform.

Also please see Basar Simitci's LinkedIn and Unity Connect profile pages for further background info and for getting in touch.

Below is a list of projects we have done, in addition to Joyful Works' own titles.

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Inspector Turing is a video game developed for the Automobile Association of Turkey to help teach traffic rules, and raise traffic awareness. In the game, the players take on the role of a traffic inspector and visit several cities in Turkey to find traffic violations and take necessary corrective action.

See project page on Unity Connect.


A minimalist puzzle game where the goal is to reach the exit by following a path that will destroy all tiles. Published for the iOS platform in 2013 under the brand Devada, Basar Simitci's previous company.

It was well received among the puzzle community. Read about it at GottaSolveIt and Netto's Game Room.




QuizApps: Hollywood and QuizApps: World Football are single player trivia quiz games published for the iOS and Android platforms in 2013, under the brand Devada.

The games were built on top of a quiz engine we built, which generated random questions from a database populated with the quiz theme's data.